Spring Reverb Plugin from Physical Audio

the PA4 Download - https://physicalaudio.co.uk/PA4

Technical Specs - http://bit.ly/PA4techspec

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PA4 Dual Spring Reverb is the first ever plug-in to model wave propagation in helical springs. The audio engine is built entirely upon the simulation of the inherent physical equations, without any approximations. This gives innovative control over the springs, and allows new sonic textures. PA4 will sit perfectly on your guitar, vocal, and drum mixes, adding dripping tones with a colourful spectrum. Fully-customisable spring parameters We chose four perceptual parameters to describe a spring. Firstly the Echo Time and Spread, which set the time of the initial chirps and how much the following chirps deviate. The Cutoff sets their highest frequency, whilst the Boing controls the 'sharpness' of the spring sound. Design a spring to suit your material, then apply the offset control to create natural stereo depth.